[Standards] XEP-0108: registry?

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Thu Jul 5 04:42:43 UTC 2007

> Daniel Noll wrote:
>> doesn't really matter to me.  They're all phones.
> If I'm on an audio call, I might be able to IM with you in the
> background without the other person knowing. But I can't very well get
> away with that on a video call. So I think the distinction provides
> useful information wrt my ability to communicate. And that's what
> extended presence is all about, no?

Hmm... that could be a thought.  Although...

  1. There are already activities in the list which don't necessarily help
     the other user determine if they can send a message.  e.g. for
     "gaming", if they're playing Solitaire, I'd say they can respond to
     messages.  There are games where they can't.

  2. We already have presence for the other user to determine if I'm
     contactable.  i.e. can I not just set DND while on a video call?


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