[Standards] XEP-0108: registry?

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Fri Jul 6 12:20:25 UTC 2007

On Friday 06 July 2007 01:53, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> We *could* do that with the video phone activity. It's a bit of a
> borderline case, but IMHO it's going to be common enough that we want to
> define a separate activity for it.

Video phones may become common enough one day (when Cisco stop thinking the 
privilege is worth paying four times the price of a normal phone, there will 
probably be a boom in them) but if you want other types of phone that are 
already common enough to split into their own sections, I'm sure there are 
plenty.  Talking on a mobile vs. talking on a landline, for instance?  
Talking on a VOIP softphone vs. using a "real" phone?

> >   2. We already have presence for the other user to determine if I'm
> >      contactable.  i.e. can I not just set DND while on a video call?
> XEP-0108 is for things that are much more granular than <show>dnd</show>.

That's why I will suggest doing both.  Set activity to "on the phone" and 
status to "dnd".  That's more specific than doing either independently, and 
doesn't even require inventing a new type of phone which may not even add any 
useful information to the other user.

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