[Standards] Generic name attribute for XEP-0147

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen at runbox.com
Mon Jul 9 20:28:56 UTC 2007

On Monday 09. July 2007 22:18:36 Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Daniel Aleksandersen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > There should be a generic name attribute to all actions.
> >
> > Currently you can only specify a name to the rooster action:
> > xmpp:romeo at montague.net?roster;name=Romeo%20Montague
> Does the 'name' translate into XMPP syntax or it merely presented to a
> human user? If the latter, what is the difference between the following?
> <a href='xmpp:romeo at montague.net?roster;name=Romeo%20Montague'>addme</a>
> <a href='xmpp:romeo at montague.net?roster' title='Add Romeo Montague to
> your buddy list[tm]'>addme</a>
> Peter

The name should be used to humanly represent the person in the client. 
Either in the message window or in the roster, or whatever is appropriate.

It's a better experience for most users to chat to "Carry" than to chat 
with "carry.4324 at supportstaff.somecompany.com" for instance.
Daniel Aleksandersen <aleksandersen at runbox.com>

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