[Standards] inactive XEPs

Andreas Monitzer jig at monitzer.com
Fri Jul 13 18:58:20 UTC 2007

On Jul 13, 2007, at 20:54, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> The following XEPs have been inactive for 6+ months and therefore are
> subject to automatic deferral. If you have an interest in these specs,
> please speak up.
> XEP-0154: User Profile
> 	  http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0154.html

This is definitely something that should be looked at when PEP is  
widely deployed.
Most of the inactive ones are PEP-based, which itself takes a lot of  
time to be implemented, and so it doesn't make any sense to work on  
those any further until this is resolved.


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