[Standards] XEP-0047 (Flow rate control for IBB)

William Voorsluys williamvoor at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 00:57:38 UTC 2007


We're adding flow rate control support for IBB since our application
makes heavy use of file transfers.
Since we need to receive ACKs for packets, we're using <iq> for data
transport, according to  XEP-0047. The first problem is that the
algorithm we're using needs to know the sequence number of the packet
being acknowledged.
But, according to the XEP, it is not allowed to include any inner XML
stanza on the <iq> of type RESULT used as ACK:

<iq from='juliet at capulet.com/balcony' to='romeo at montague.net/orchard'
type='result' id='ibb1'/>

What would be the best way of including this information in the ACK?
Should we use <message> + AMP for having that info?

Thank you,


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