[Standards] JID Escaping

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Sat Jul 21 07:20:27 UTC 2007

psa wrote:
> Michal 'vorner' Vaner wrote:
>>> >>  User JID: mats at home.se/coci at home.se/mats at home.se/coci
>> > 
>> > Once again: if this _is_ a JID, you do no escaping. Then mats is node,
>> > home.se is server and the rest is resource.
>> > 
>> > JID escaping is when you want to have some "odd" thing in the node part
>> > and you know what is node.
> Right. JID escaping is not escaping of full JIDs, it is escaping of node
> identifiers. A title "Node Identifier Escaping" doesn't sound as catchy,
> but we could change it if people really care. What we care about here
> are bare JIDs (which is what we assume people will exchange or talk
> about), but we ignore the domain identifier part since that is not of
> interest in this context (mostly, being able to re-use characters that
> people already use for email, like single-quote).

But then you need to clearly state in the XEP that this is not a one-to-one
mapping of JIDs and it shouldn't be applied to "ordinary user" JIDs.

> I think the whole XEP should be renamed to something like:
>    XEP-0106 - JID Mapping for Gateways

This would be better. But it breaks the generic usage of JIDs for both users
and gateways. It will create a lot of trouble.


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