[Standards] mutual authentication and XEP 178

Toly Menn TMenn at viack.com
Fri Jul 27 02:51:37 UTC 2007

> An XML stream always goes in one direction, it's just that in the c2s
> case both streams go over the same TCP connection, whereas in the s2s
> case there are two TCP connections. However, as Justin says, the
> directionality matters only for the sending of stanzas, not for the
> sending of XML elements that are used to establish the stream. I'll
> clarify this in the -04 version of rfc3920bis, and will post to the
> once I have proposed text.
> /psa


Going back to StPeter's original example of the s2s case, server 1 (s1)
sends STANZAs to server 2 (s2) over TCP connection 1 (t1), s2 sends
STANZAs to s1 over TCP connection 2 (t2).  I just wanted to confirm that
this applies to ALL stanzas, including IQ stanzas.  So if s1 sends s2 an
IQ stanza of type "set" over t1, s2 will reply to s1 to that "set" with
a "result" stanza over t2?  Either way, this may be a good clarification
in 3920bis as well.


Thanks, Toly

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