[Standards] e2e compression

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Sep 5 01:52:39 UTC 2007

Jonathan Chayce Dickinson wrote:
> Has anyone thought of using end-to-end compression? Look at the
> following example:
> john-->myserver.org-->hisserver.org-->fred
> Now if we look at what happens when a message is sent:
> john-->compress-->myserver.org-->decompress-->interpret-->
> compress-->hisserver.org-->decompress-->interpret-->compress-->
> fred-->decompress
> As opposed to (with e2e compression):
> john-->compress-->myserver.org-->interpret-->hisserver.org-->
> interpret-->fred-->decompress
> Obviously only the payload would be compressed, the stanza would
> need to stay intact. Much simpler algorithms could then be used on the
> servers that explicitly deal with compressing XML efficiently.
> I know this has the potential to be a terrible idea...

Not necessarily. But if people really need this, it seems better to
negotiate a direct TCP connection between the two entities (via Jingle),
encrypt that connection using TLS, agree to compress it using TLS or
XEP-0138 compression, and then exchange whatever data is desired over
that connection.


Peter Saint-Andre

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