[Standards] rfc3921bis: self-presence

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Wed Sep 5 18:42:22 UTC 2007

> (1) sounds strange, I did take a look at our client, and it was  
> just a few lines of code for the above mentioned contortion ;-)

I think you end up doing a bit more contortion if you want to show  
your self-presence actually allowing for other resources, though.   
Then you have to compare your local presence and priority with the  
presence/priority of all your other resources... and even still, you  
do not necessarily /guarantee/ an accurate result if the server  
modifies your presence in any way (changing priority due to some  
service, for instance).

My present solution, for instance, is just that I always add my own  
local-presence to my self-contact as if I were getting the presence  
incoming, but I had someone log a bug the other day because a service  
on their system which alters their outgoing priority/status in  
certain situations was not reflected in their local contact.  But,  
not getting presence for my own resource, I could only really work  
with on what I was sending out.

My issue is not that the code /difficult/ to implement, just that you  
end up having to write special-case code which is not guaranteed to  
actually solve the special case.  I cannot envision a situation where  
a client /breaks/ by expecting this behavior on an older server,  
other than simply not necessarily displaying the proper presence for  
yourself if you are in your own roster. :)

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