[Standards] Query Regarding MUC XEP-0045

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Apr 11 12:45:42 UTC 2008

kawaljeet singh chadha wrote:

> Hello Everybody, Reference ( MUC XEP-0045 ). Is there any way to find
> out list of the rooms associated with the current user (logged in),
> (it can be the rooms which the user might have created earlier). My
> basic Use Case is, i want to destroy the chat rooms (which i have
> created earlier, or for which i have got the corresponding
> privileges). Hence I would like to get the list of room names (which
> i created earlier) after logging in to the server.

This use case is not covered by XEP-0045 (yet). Basically you want to
query the service and find a list of room with which you are affiliated
(owner, admin, member).

Everything in XEP-0045 covers your relationship and interactions with a
particular room, not the service. I've been hearing about more use cases
for interaction with the service itself, so perhaps it's finally time to
write a spec about that (probably using ad-hoc commands, similar to
XEP-0133 but just for MUC).


Peter Saint-Andre

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