[Standards] Jingle "implementability"

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Fri Feb 1 09:22:30 UTC 2008

Maciek Niedzielski pisze:
> Stanza router could pipeline jingle stanzas through all jingle plugins. 
> Since a plugin tracks state, etc, it knows if it is interested in this 
> stanza or not. So if it wants the stanza, stanza gets "eaten", else 
> app-level stanza router tries to pass it to next plugin, etc.
Moreover, a plugin framework that allows passing one stanza through many 
plugins is more powerful than plugin-per-namespace, etc.
For example, you have a pipeline like this:
Spam filter (all stanzas go through it, some are stopped) -> History 
(writes all messages to history files) -> Popups -> ...


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