[Standards] RFC 3921bis Managing Presence Subscriptions based on full JIDs serious issue

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sun Feb 3 09:43:21 UTC 2008

Dnia 2008-02-01, Pt o godzinie 00:17 +0100, Tomasz Sterna pisze:
> I found e serious issue with FC 3921bis Managing Presence Subscriptions.
> [...]

Shall I take no answers to my post as:
- nobody is really interested in the issue ?
- I already am on all list members KILLFILEs ?

> I think we need to resolve this before RFC 3921bis goes "live".
> Let's disallow full JID based subscriptions or fully document it.
> Either way is OK with me, but the current, unclear situation is a no
> go.

Actually, I take it back...
I do care what we do and it's not the first option.

I do run some services on server resources.
For example, a public server based (not bot or component), web presence
tracker and indicator on: 'chrome.pl/webstatus'
You need to add 'chrome.pl/webstatus' to send your presence updates, to
the service and you may then use http://www.chrome.pl/status/JID url to
show your presence status on the web.

I also add 'chrome.pl/echo' to all my users rosters on user creation.
It resembles them the Skype echo service contact, and they all love it -
they have a way of testing theirs newly created jabber account right
away, without searching for real people.

So I actually need full JID based subscriptions.

  /\_./o__ Tomasz Sterna
 (/^/(_^^' http://www.xiaoka.com/
._.(_.)_   im:smoku at xiaoka.com

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