[Standards] shared XML editing update

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 4 22:59:52 UTC 2008

Boyd Fletcher wrote:
> unfortunately its more complicated than that. You have to deal with lots of
> changes happening at the same time and you need to have some understanding
> of the data so that improper changes (like improper moves or deletes to
> layers or pages) to the DOM aren¹t made.  in any scalable system you can not
> rely on the client to provide correct data. you have to have the server
> verify the changes are safe/correct prior to sending them out to the group.
> a non-server based approach like SXE can¹t handle that well.

Adding some server-based use cases to the spec might help clarify that
SXE can be used in that mode and is not limited to client-to-client

See also:



Peter Saint-Andre

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