[Standards] shared XML editing update

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 4 23:09:01 UTC 2008

Boyd Fletcher wrote:
> Access control is a big issue for collaborative whiteboarding as you have
> read/write users, read only users, and users (like presenters) that can
> control the presentation (i.e. page flips and who is writing/changing the
> whiteboard). 

That should be handled by the floor control system (MUC or something
else), not the editing technology (SXE or something else).

> Also, whiteboards are more than just a linear document of unrelated parts.
> It has a very well defined structure and if a client sends out an
> inappropriate/incorrect set of XML it can corrupt the entire whiteboard. SXE
> can¹t prevent that but a pure server based implementation can.

SXE in server mode can, but the spec does not yet define that in detail
by showing server-mode examples. That can be fixed by beefing up the spec.

Furthermore, SXE is now only the core editing protocol. Whiteboarding,
collaborative document editing, and other technologies can be layered on
top of SXE (the spec examples now show XHTML, not whiteboarding).

> we (and many large corporations) have operational experience and
> requirements for large numbers (>100) of people collaborating actively in a
> whiteboard session so not being able to handle that is a big deal.

See above. SXE should be workable in server mode. It's a question of
spec'ing that out more fully and building a working implementation that
extends the client-to-client mode with a server in the middle that
checks and (if necessary) corrects the XML.

> so basically, I don¹t see many advantages for the SXE approach for
> whiteboarding but I can see lots of disadvantages. I would seem to use that
> a server based implementation for whiteboarding is far more flexible for the
> types of sessions users really use whiteboarding for.

That is unproven.


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