[Standards] what is a node? (was: Re: [xmppwg] encapsulating NodeIDs in XMPP URIs)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 7 16:52:58 UTC 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Ralph Meijer wrote:
>> No, it seems to me that we have sailed beyond that point and Dave made a
>> couple of nice observations that speak in favor of having something like
>> <xmpp:pubsub.jabber.org?;node=mynode>. I am just going ahead with using
>> such URIs to point to pubsub nodes in <link/> elements in HTML for
>> auto-discovery purposes.
> OK. I think it would be good for us to document that in XEP-0060 and
> also XEP-0030 (which are the two places where we define nodes).

While chatting with Ralph over IM just now, I mentioned that I think we
really need a little spec that clearly defines what a node is, as used
in service discovery and publish-subscribe. So I'll that to my to-do
list. Yay, yet another spec to write. :)

Unfortunately we also have this thing called a node identifier in a JID:
<node at domain.tld>. This is confusing, and I think one of them has got to
yield. The best Ralph and I could come up with is to change the node
identifier portion of the JID to "localpart" (along the lines of email),
then reserve the term "node" for these special extra-JID thingies we use
in disco and pubsub. So we would have:

xmpp:localpart at example.org (e.g., a PEP-enabled account)
xmpp:localpart at example.org?;node=foo (a PEP node there)


I realize that this breaks RFC 3920 naming (especially the "nodeprep"
profile of stringprep). But I don't see a good way around that, since I
think it's easier to change the nodeprep name than to change the 'node'
attribute in disco and pubsub.


Peter Saint-Andre

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