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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sat Feb 16 05:10:12 UTC 2008

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Fri Feb 15 11:36:01 2008, Aki Niemi wrote:
>> Is there currently a way for the client to put its connection into
>> dormant mode. For example, when my phone is in my pocket with the screen
>> locked, keeping the roster's status updated seems unnecessary. Yet, the
>> connection still needs to be live for incoming IMs and sessions.
> I think you mean presence updates rather than roster updates. There
> isn't such a way, but it seems like a practical idea. Of course a lot of
> clients have buddy-pounce functionality which can be useful, so you'd
> need to cater for this, but a first step would be that if you want
> buddy-pounces, then you'd not make the connection dormant.

It would be good to analyze the relative percentage of presence to
messages. My sense from watching the XML console in Psi is that most of
the "noise" is presence.

In general I think it might be difficult to determine which stanzas are
worth waking up for (some messages might just be PEP notifications), but
ignoring presence seems like a good start.


Peter Saint-Andre

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