[Standards] XEP-0175: Contact Addresses

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Tue Feb 26 14:24:58 UTC 2008


during the latest DevCon, one of the issues about deployment was  
contact addresses. The current XEP for that is 0157.

I think that 157 breaks the current disco#info usage pattern. We use  
disco#info to discover which protocols an entity supports, not the  
get the information directly (exception for basic  <identity >). So  
receiving the entire contact information in the disco#info reply  
seems wrong, because on most requests, we don't need it.

I think we should use a pubsub node instead. This would give us all  
the benefits of pubsub, and we could probably implement this faster,  
given that pubsub and pep are starting to get deployed in latest  
releases of some servers like Openfire and Ejabberd.

The schema for the information could be reused  from XEP-0157 or  
XEP-0154 if that one comes back from the dead.

Best regards,
Pedro Melo
Blog: http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/
XMPP ID: melo at simplicidade.org

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