[Standards] Whiteboard XEP, Gajim and GSoC2008

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Mar 9 18:03:11 UTC 2008

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Fri Mar  7 03:58:37 2008, Joonas Govenius wrote:
>> 2. You are concerned about optimizing reconnects by taking advantage
>> of the state that the client already has. I gave this some thought and
>> there's actually no reason why SXE couldn't do basically the same
>> thing as your protocol:
> Of course, Boyd's mentioned this, too, as well as the related case where
> a presentation using whiteboarding spans a day or two, and the next
> morning, the presenter has updated the document.
> This is a particular case of resynchronization, because the assumption
> here is that there's a significant chunk of events that may need shipping.
> SXE appears, to my eyes anyway, to be particularly inefficient at
> transmitting large changes, and I suspect that this may be at the core
> of Boyd and Fabio's concerns.

At some point, shared editing / xml synchronization shades over into
file transfer. I don't know exactly where the transition point lies, but
it seems to me that it might be difficult to design a technology that
will be good at both small-change synchronization and large-change update.


Peter Saint-Andre

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