[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0198 (Stream Management)

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Thu Jun 18 11:36:35 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 11:04:59AM +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
> Yes, but I am talking about a corner case when the other end didn't 
> handle any stanzas yet.
> What is the value of "h" in such case?

IMHO that is easy: initial value of "h" should be 0 (not 1 as some
suggested), incremented with each stanza processed. So the ACK after the
first stanza would have h="1". After 2^32 stanzas it would be 0 again,
than 1, etc.
Usually you won't see h="0", unless no stanza was processed by the
far end before first <r/> was sent, or when stream is resumed when it
was broken before any stanza has been processed.


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