[Standards] Message Archiving - xep 0136 : Sending push to all user's resources after removing a contact specific preferences from the user archiving preferences.

Sandip Nemade sandip at geodesic.com
Thu May 14 12:11:22 UTC 2009

    I have implemented the xep-0136 for the IM server. I have 
encountered a issue in the following scenario referring to xep-0136 
Example 11.

Scenario :

1) Consider that an user has set archiving preferences for some contacts.
2) Now the user wants to remove archive preferences for a contact by 
sending following stanza.

	<iq type='set' id='remove1'>
	  <itemremove xmlns='urn:xmpp:archive'>
	    <item jid='benvolio at montague.net'/>

3) The user will receive following stanza.

	<iq type='result' id='remove1' to='juliet at capulet.com/chamber'/>

Issue :

When an user modifies his archiving preferences, Push has to be sent to all the user's resources who had requested for the archive preferences.
The xep-0136 is not having any example of the format in which the push has to be sent to the user in case of the above mentioned scenario.

Thank You.

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