[Standards] Idle sreams in RFCbis

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at process-one.net
Mon May 25 09:31:12 UTC 2009


I would like to provide feedback on these two sections:

5.7.3.  Handling of Idle Streams

12.7.  Whitespace

In 5.7.3, it says:
"The typical method for detecting an idle TCP connection is to send a space
character (U+0020) over the TCP connection between XML stanzas, which is
allowed for XML streams as described under Section 12.7 (Whitespace)."

Strictly speaking:
- the sending entity does not detect the loss of connection when it sends
- the receiving entity detects the loss of connection only if it has a
mechanism that detects the absence of whitespaces

Thus I propose this change:
"The typical method for maintaining a TCP connection is to send a space
character (U+0020 [...]"

What do you think ot it?

Then, we have:
"The sending of such a space character is called a WHITESPACE PING."

Strictly speaking:
- a ping mechanism is a request-response mechanism, it waits for a "pong"
response, so this is not a ping, and I think this should better be named a
"keepalive" (or sort of)
- s/space character/whitespace/ because:

1.3.  Conventions
"The term "whitespace" is used to refer to any character that matches
production [3] content of [XML], i.e., any instance of SP, HT, CR, and LF."

Thus I propose this change:
"The sending of such a whitespac is called a WHITESPACE KEEPALIVE."

What do you think ot it?

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