[Standards] Name of IQ query nodes

David Ammouial da at weeno.net
Sat Dec 18 22:44:36 UTC 2010

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It is not clear from the specification what the name of the query node
of an IQ may (or should) be.

In RFC 3921, it is implied that it is "query". However, there's no
mention of whether this is a mandatory tag name or not.

Because of that, and because there's no example of any other tag name
in the whole RFC, I would tend to believe that it is indeed the only
expected tag name. However, several XEPs use another one, for example

I think the expected name is actually described in the definition
of the corresponding namespace, which would mean that as far as the RFC
is concerned, any name is in fact allowed, provided it honors the
namespace's definition.

Am I right? In any case, we should maybe clarify this detail in the
specification. I think several generic IQ-handling implementations rely
on the tag being called "query", which breaks their behaviour in case
the query tag has a different name. One example is xmpppy[1], but there
might be existing or future others if the situation stays unclear.

As a related note, it doesn't seem clear either how many direct
children an IQ stanza is supposed to have. All examples in the
litterature show only one, but I can't see that defined anywhere.

[1] See source code of IQ class:

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