[Standards] XEP-0206 and namespaces

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 11 05:11:56 UTC 2010

Hi Alex!

On 2/10/10 12:59 AM, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> XEP-0206 sais:
> <quote>
> If the BOSH <body/> wrapper is not empty, then it SHOULD contain
> ...
> One or more complete <message/>, <presence/>, and/or <iq/> elements
> qualified by the 'jabber:client' namespace.
> </quote>
> then there is a note which sais:
> <quote>
> Many existing XMPP-specific implementations of BOSH clients and
> connection managers do not specify the namespace of <message/>,
> <presence/>, or <iq/> elements, since that allows them to forward
> stanzas without modification (the XMPP <stream:stream/> wrapper element
> used with TCP typically sets the default namespace to 'jabber:client').
> They instead simply assume that the full content of the 'jabber:client'
> namespace is a subset of the 'http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind'
> namespace.
> </quote>

Hmm, that's messy.


> my implementations are namespace correct and are currently not able to
> connect to BOSH connection managers which don't specify the
> jabber:client namespace in <iq/> <message/> and <presence/>

I agree with you about the desirability of being namespace-aware, so
perhaps we can remove the wording about "many existing XMPP-specific


Peter Saint-Andre

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