[Standards] XEP-0184 business rules for message receipts

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Feb 17 04:53:47 UTC 2010

XEP-0184 specifies the following business rules:


   1. A sender SHOULD NOT include a request for message receipts when
sending a message to the bare JID <localpart at domain.tld> of the
recipient, only when sending to a full JID <localpart at domain.tld/resource>.

   2. A sender SHOULD NOT include a request for message receipts unless
it knows (via Service Discovery [4] or Entity Capabilities [5]) that the
intended recipient supports the protocol described herein or unless the
use of message receipts is negotiated via Stanza Session Negotiation [6].

   3. A sender SHOULD include an 'id' attribute on the message so that
the sender can properly track the receipt.


I'm no longer convinced that these rules are helpful.

First, IMHO it does no great harm to include a request for a receipt in
a message sent to the bare JID, which might be a message of type
"normal", a pubsub notification, the first message in a one-to-one chat
session, etc.

Second, we can get rid of the disco/caps requirement if we get rid of
the SHOULD NOT on sending to bare JIDs. And the reference to XEP-0155 is
not something I think we want to maintain (personally I'd prefer to
deprecate XEP-0155 but that's a topic for a different thread).

Third, I'd be tempted to make 'id' inclusion a MUST instead of a SHOULD.


Peter Saint-Andre

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