[Standards] [jdev] RFC 3921 message to RFC 5322 message conversion

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Jan 5 12:30:33 UTC 2010

On Tue Jan  5 10:02:42 2010, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Hello.
> I am working on accessing jabber message archive with IMAP and a  
> normal
> MUA with IMAP backend.
Excellent. I know that Alexey Melnikov is interested in that, as am I.

> This begs a question: How do I convert RFC 3921 message, to RFC 5322
> message to store in IMAP store. (But it may also be useful for
> Jabber/E-Mail gateway.)
I had some thoughts on this. The trickiest part is that the form of  
an XMPP address differs radically from that of an email address,  
although superficially both look identical.

> 1. How do i store 'from' and 'to' fields of the XMPP message?
> RFC 5322 defines From: as mailbox-list and To: as address-list  
> which in
> turn reduces to addr-spec which does not include schema and is  
> assumed
> to be in SMTP domain. ":" is used to delimiter group names so we  
> cannot
> use XMPP URI there.
> - Should I add X- header for preserving XMPP 'from' field? What  
> exact?
> - Should I fill From: and To: fields to maka maile readers usable?
I'd opt for a simple tranformation of the address into an email  
compatible form. Alexey may have some good advice here, as he's been  
heavily involved in EAI. Pete Resnick, who edited RFC 5322, may also  
have some good ideas, and he's familiar with XMPP, having co-chaired  
the original XMPP WG.

> 2. Subject: header is straightforward
Mostly - it needs encoding, obviously.

> 3. <thread/> converts directly to References:
> - what if there is no <thread/>? Should I supplement it? How?
I'm not sure thread *does* convert, given that thread is a single  
string for all messages within a thread, whereas References is a list  
of message ids. If you want things to look sane with, say, the IMAP  
THREAD extension, you'll need to refer to other messages here in the  
right order.

> 4. Should I generate Message-ID header? If so, how? Maybe it would  
> be
> useful to base it on some of the message characteristics?

You could synthesize it, yes - which'd also solve the <thread/>  
issue. I'm not even sure it needs to be consistently synthesized -  
that is, given the same input, different implementations could  
generate different mids.

For preservation of the original, I'd be inclined to use  
multipart/alternative, with text/plain, possibly text/html (for  
XHTML-IM), and a new application/xmpp-msg+xml type to contain the  
original message stanza in full. It's much, much simpler than trying  
to encode it elsewhere.

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