[Standards] [jdev] RFC 3921 message to RFC 5322 message conversion

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Tue Jan 5 13:14:14 UTC 2010

Dnia 2010-01-05, wto o godzinie 12:30 +0000, Dave Cridland pisze:
> > 1. How do i store 'from' and 'to' fields of the XMPP message?
> > 
> I'd opt for a simple tranformation of the address into an email  
> compatible form. Alexey may have some good advice here, as he's been  
> heavily involved in EAI. Pete Resnick, who edited RFC 5322, may also  
> have some good ideas, and he's familiar with XMPP, having co-chaired  
> the original XMPP WG.

Well... I _do_ have an e-mail<->jabber gateway, so I could convert to
the gateway compatible form: user%email.srv at email.jabber.srv
It has the advantage that replying to such message using MUA would work.

But I am also thinking about the case when MUA gets XMPP support
eventually, and would be able to:
a) answer the message directly over XMPP
b) show the 'from' contact status (if subscribed)

These use-cases would suggest another header fields for the e-mail
message to make this information available easily.

> > 3. <thread/> converts directly to References:
> I'm not sure thread *does* convert, given that thread is a single  
> string for all messages within a thread, whereas References is a list  
> of message ids.

Right. I misunderstood RFC 5322 on this.
This makes building IMAP THREAD hard. :-(

> > 4. Should I generate Message-ID header? If so, how? Maybe it would  
> You could synthesize it, yes - which'd also solve the <thread/>  
> issue. I'm not even sure it needs to be consistently synthesized -  
> that is, given the same input, different implementations could  
> generate different mids.

What makes it even trickier, is that it gets lost on the SMTP/XMPP
boundary. So I'm beginning to doubt it's worth synthesizing.

> For preservation of the original, I'd be inclined to use  
> multipart/alternative, with text/plain, possibly text/html (for  
> XHTML-IM), and a new application/xmpp-msg+xml type to contain the  
> original message stanza in full. It's much, much simpler than trying  

Good idea. I like it very much. :-)

Tomasz Sterna

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