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From: Kevin Smith
Date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Meeting Minutes 2010-01-11
To: XMPP Council

Minutes for the XMPP Council meeting 2010-01-11

Agenda: http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/council/2010-January/002725.html
Log: http://logs.jabber.org/council@conference.jabber.org/2010-01-11.html
Scribe: Kevin

1) Roll Call.
Matt, Kevin, Ralph and Remko present, Dave sent apologies as he got
detained at the last minute.

2) Agenda bashing.

3) Pubsub - accept version 1.13 rc13?

4) PEP - accept version 1.2rc4?

Delaying votes on both (3) and (4) until the infrastructure team has
the XEP diffing tool set up. Tobias (iteam) and Remko to liase about
getting it set up for next week's meeting.

5) Linked Process Protocol.

Kevin will check for any notes he had on this proposal to send to the
authors, and asks others to do the same.

6) XEPs to be deferred.
No action, people will step forward if they're interested.

7) Date of next meeting.
2010-01-18 1900UTC

8) Any other business.
Discussion about moving council meetings to the xmpp.org XMPP service.
We'll visit this again once xmpp.org has feature parity with
jabber.org (primarily room logging).

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