[Standards] throttling

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Sat Feb 12 02:32:04 UTC 2011

On Friday 11 February 2011 17:27:09 Matthew Wild wrote:
> On 11 February 2011 22:40, Justin Karneges
> > The trouble is that throttling and keepalive pings don't play well
> > together. It is easy to imagine a client today that uses XEP-0199 pings
> > to the server every minute, but then gets throttled by the server for
> > over a minute.  The result is that sending too fast means you get
> > disconnected.  This is pretty terrible if there's no way to know what
> > counts as "too fast".
> I'm not sure there's any reason the client should have multiple pings
> of any kind (XEP-0199 or <r> from XEP-0198) in flight at the same
> time.

Pings are used for connection loss detection.  You don't need multiple pings 
concurrently, you just need one that times out.  My point is that some clients 
may consider the connection gone if the server does not reply to a XEP-0199 
ping within 1 minute.


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