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Perhaps of interest here...

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Subject: 	[smartpower-interest] XMPP messaging - smart grid
Date: 	Thu, 14 Jul 2011 22:27:44 +0530
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Respected sir,

I did a deep study of XMPP messaging protocol in my last assignment.In
my study,I implemented an XMPP client server incorporating event node
terminology.Basic Architecture is Sensor Readings taken by Sensor are
converted into XML format by a Sensor Over XMPP (SOX)Library by an
adapter.Adapter publishes these values(Items) to event nodes present in
XMPP server.Event nodes are virtual locations inside XMPP servers where
items are collected.Different XMPP clients can subscribe to different
event nodes and retrieve individual items.
Some key questions I have is - Can we use this architecture in a
substation? Can this architecture meet real time requirements
considering extra latencies induced by data formatting? Various IEDs can
act as publisher and subscriber which publish values to XMPP
servers.This will also include incorporation of adapter servers which
collect data from merge unit,relay IEDs, convert sensor data to XML
format.My question is - Is this conversion dataformatting really needed
for IEDs communicating within local area network?Is it needed for Local
HMI?Is it needed to send data to control center?
Moreover,adapter can have added advantage of intelligently combining
sensor values from different IEDs ,so that monitoring applications which
are interested in seeing and analysing data from multiple IEDs can
retrieve/obtain this data in a single document.Adapter can publish this
item in corresponding event node from which different applications
interested can retrieve from.
I am providing link to a related paper which discusses Sensor Andrew
Architecture used for critical infrastructure monitoring.

Suhas Aggarwal

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