[Standards] [Operators] Future of XMPP Re: The Google issue

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Wed Dec 4 20:00:53 UTC 2013

Ok, I give up, XMPP may stay how is.

The future will show what happens and if people are willing or trying to 
use silly XML-parsers everywhere.

No problem for me, I have an implementation since some years, I just 
don't think the need to fiddle with streaming XML is what encourages 
other people to use it. It's a pain and I would not suggest trying to 
use it, if it can be avoided. There are much easier ways to send some 
messages around (to come back to M2M, the topic I responded first too). 
It might be easy to send messages with XMPP (as ethersex proves, at 
least until the manifesto gets in action), but implementing the stuff to 
receive stuff correctly wastes a lot of totally unnecessary development 
time, just because that silly need for an XML-parser.

It isn't meant hostile, please don't tread it as offensive. It's just 
how I do think about it.


Alexander Holler

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