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Matt Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Wed Dec 11 16:50:19 UTC 2013

On Dec 11, 2013, at 9:41 AM, Christian Schudt <christian.schudt at gmx.de> wrote:

>> In theory, more connections means less latency.  In practice, anything more than 1 held connection (so a maximum of 2 requests) starts to violate the in-order delivery rules from RFC 6120.
> So, another argument, to completely remove "hold" and "requests", as they are always 1 and 2 in practice? (See my other mail for the other arguments).

If XEP-0124 were Experimental and not Draft, I would agree with you.  But Draft raises a significant bar on breaking backwards compatibility.  Removing these, while correct from an architectural purity perspective, would make existing implementations (of which there are many) non-conformant and therefore non-interoperable, with (at least in my opinion) little real benefit.

In other words, I think the boat for that level of change has already sailed into the West beyond the realm of Men.

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