[Standards] XEP-0160 and 'chat' messages

Ashley Ward ashley.ward at surevine.com
Wed Jul 17 11:58:45 UTC 2013

I am currently looking at implementing the rules around storing messages described in xep-0160 in openfire.

The second rule states that messages of type 'chat' should be stored unless they only contain chat state notifications, which is fine. But I was wondering whether this could be generalised a bit more to perhaps suggest that any message of type 'chat' with an empty body should not be stored offline. xep-0334 could then be extended to allow a client to hint that a message should be stored offline

The reason I suggest this is that there are newer xeps which also contain messages which you wouldn't want stored offline (e.g. xep-0301) and also unknown future ones, but which you also maybe wouldn't want to burden with a <no-storage/> hint.

So essentially it makes the rule:

'chat' message stanzas without a <body/> should not be stored offline unless they contain a hint suggesting they should be.

Can anyone think of any existing xeps which may be affected by this sort of change (e.g. ones which use a bodiless 'chat' message which would be expected to be stored offline?)


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