[Standards] Jabber Components (XEP-0114) & TLS

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Wed Apr 2 19:12:46 UTC 2014


I have some questions regarding the Jabber Components protocol. Couldn't find anything about it in the XEP. It would be great if somebody with some insight could answer:

1) Regarding TLS:
1a) How is starttls used together with the component protocol and stream initiation?
1b) When? Before or after the handshake?

2) Regarding port number:
2a) Is there a default port for this protocol? Is it the same as client-to-server communication? Or another? 
2b) OpenFire seems to use 5275, is this common?

3) How about other stream initiation elements, like:
3a) features?
3b) sessions?

XEP-0114 just terminates after the handshake element.

Best regards,
Peter Waher

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