[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Multi-User Chat Light

Tobias M tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 14 16:39:32 UTC 2015

> On 14.12.2015, at 17:04, Piotr Nosek <piotr.nosek at erlang-solutions.com> wrote:
> b) It is a compilation of requirements of mobile chat providers. I can't see why being useful only for mobile clients is a reason to treat is as useless. It is a common belief amongst many developers that XMPP is not very attractive for mobile environments, why can't we make several extensions that are specifically mobile-friendly?
> Yes, there is no possibility of sending IQs but the thing is - what IQ-based functionality we would need in groupchats? File transfer? It's a common practice nowadays to upload files to external storage like Amazon S3 and then just send a message with a link. (extra benefit: it can get archived by MAM).

Well, IQ and presence are used for feature discovery in XMPP by the means of Entity Capabilities (XEP-115) and Service Discovery (XEP-0030). IQ is not only used for starting file-transfers, but also for avatars and vCards. Sure, vCards aren’t that common in popular mobile chat apps. However, avatars are.

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