[Standards] Push and headline messages

Mickaël Rémond mremond at process-one.net
Wed Jul 1 08:20:53 UTC 2015


XEP-0160 clarify the best practice for offline message and states for 
offline messages that headline message should not be stored for offline 

> headline -- Messages with a 'type' attribute whose value is "headline" 
> SHOULD NOT be stored offline, since such messages are usually 
> time-sensitive.

I think it implies that they should not be pushed as well. Otherwise, 
you may receive a push notification for a message you will never be able 
to receive if you reconnect.

Am I wrong ?
Do you think it could be useful to clarify the push XEP on that point ?

Thanks !

Mickaël Rémond
ProcessOne - Boxcar
Founder and CEO

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