[Standards] NEW: XEP-0359 (Unique and Stable Stanza IDs)

Lance Stout lancestout at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 22:31:50 UTC 2015

> I have some questions regarding the business rules:
> - Why enforce a single id at a time ? I think it can be useful to have
>  multiple ids in a message:
>  <message ...>
>    [...]
>    <stanza-id by="room at muc.example.org" id="aaa"/>
>    <stanza-id by="archive at myserver.com" id="bbb"/>
>  </message>

This is allowed. The restriction here is that you can only have one <stanza-id /> with a given JID in the 'by' attribute. So the above is ok, but this is NOT ok:

 <message ...>
   <stanza-id by="room at muc.example.org" id="aaa"/>
   <stanza-id by="room at muc.example.org" id="bbb"/>

> - Why put the client-id in the stanza-id ? 

It has been suggested (but not yet incorporated into 359) that client-id be replaced by the simple lack of a 'by' attribute. (If no 'by' is present, the entity that stamped the ID is the stanza sender, pending the support checks that should be added in the security considerations that I mentioned on list earlier.)

- Lance

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