[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: HTTP File Upload

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Wed Jul 29 15:06:26 UTC 2015


On 27/07/2015 16:37, XMPP Extensions Editor wrote:

> Title: HTTP File Upload
> Abstract: This specification defines a protocol to request permissions from another entity to upload a file to a specific path on an HTTP server and at the same time receive a URL from which that file can later be downloaded again.

"due to their very nature of being peer-to-peer they don't work very 
well in scenarios where it is requeried to send a file to multiple 
receipients or multiple resources of the same receipient at once. They 
also don’t work alongside offline storage, MUC history and Message 
Archive Management (XEP-0313) [3]."

I don't see any problem in using SI or Jingle File Transfer on the 
server side, and you can use the requesting jid to check auth, which is 
far better than using a random URL which can be lost in the nature and 
setting a full HTTP server just for that.

If a public share is needed, outside of XMPP, nothing prevent a server 
or component to have an HTTP gateway. But I think XMPP software should 
stick to XMPP.

The "easy to implement" requirement is based on the fact that HTTP 
libraries are available in most languages, but nothing prevent XMPP 
libraries to implement file transfer, making developers life better.

So to sum up: I rather see an "xmpp:" uri than an "http:" one to share 
files with XMPP.


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