[Standards] Deprecating Privacy Lists

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Tue Oct 6 12:12:31 UTC 2015

Le mardi 6 octobre 2015, 13:09:34 Florian Schmaus a écrit :
> I've started a Wiki Page to collect opinions, arguments and possible
> solutions at
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Server_Aided_Communications_Blocking
> Feel free to contribute your arguments, opinions and solutions.
> My summary so far is that blocking command does not support some use
> cases I consider important. Most prominent is the ability to block
> stanzas from entities they users is not subscribed to. This is required
> in order to prevent an attacker, to which the user is not subscribed,
> from draining a mobile users battery by sending stanzas to the users JID.
> - Florian

Good idea, but the page is only talking about blocking, invisibility is in the 
same boat (it's not possible to be (in)visible to a roster group with 


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