[Standards] XEP-0356 (Privileged Entity)

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 23:03:06 UTC 2016

	It occurs to me, also, that even in the “managed_entity” type, the component may need to know who’s sending presence, because it may handling presence in multiple roles, and so even there, it makes sense to have the stanzas use XEP-0297.


> On 29-Aug-2016, at 10:12, Brian Cully <bcully at gmail.com> wrote:
> 	When dealing with presence information from the standpoint of the privileged entity, we lose information about to whom the original (non-forwarded) presence was sent. This wouldn’t affect the semantics when the privilege is of type “managed_entity”, but when it’s “roster” it’s important to know when using directed presence.
> 	I propose that, like <message/> stanzas, <presence/> stanzas also use XEP-0297, so the privileged entity can extract the original ‘to’ attribute when necessary. I also like that it gives parity to both incoming stanzas cases, but that’s a fairly small concern.
> -bjc

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