[Standards] XEP-0314 Security Labelling in Pubsub

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Jan 12 10:14:56 UTC 2016


I've been working on adding security labelling to Buddycloud, which is
essentially XEP-0060 (with tweaks).

I've opted to deviate from XEP-0314 for various reasons, but the primary
one being that I think it's much harder than it needs to be to write.

I'll skip over §4.3 for now, since that's essentially shoe-horning an
extension to Disco into the spec; I think we need to reconsider that anyway.

§5.2 shows the pattern I dislike:

      <item id='368866411b877c30064a5f62b917cffe' slps:label='seclabel-1'>

The problem with this is that it uses a namespaced attribute to reference a
security label elsewhere in the stanza; this just feels really ugly and

What I'd prefer is that we make it a (negotiated) child of the <item/>. So
that's what I've actually written.

The reasons we didn't go this route were because the <item/> element
contains only one element, the payload. I'm thinking that - with
negotiation - we allow subsequent elements to be metadata (and in this
case, a security label element).

I have a feeling this is how it started out.

Does anyone object to this change? (Or have any comments?)

I'd note in passing that this will likely affect MIX as well.

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