[Standards] XEP-0313: MAM: RSM response data

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jul 7 10:00:14 UTC 2016


XEP-0313 §4 says:

"The final <message/> response MUST include an RSM <set/> element
indicating the UID of the first and last message of the (possibly limited)
result set."

This seems plausible, but looks like a hangover from the marker messages in
previous versions. It doesn't help that this isn't in any of the examples;
I'd expect an Example 2.5 to show this. It's not in Example 3, however.

Example 9 does show the data, however - alongside the other RSM data I'd

Can I safely assume §4's normative statement is meant to be talking about
the <iq/> result?

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