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Peter Waher peterwaher at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 12 15:57:18 UTC 2016

Hello Sam
Thanks for your response.

> > What is the preferred way of sending an image in chat today? XHTML-IM can be
> > used to send smaller images using the data URI scheme.
> Just to be clear, you want to indicate that an out-of-band image
> should be included in the UI if possible, but not actually transmit
> the image in any way?
> If so, I generally advocate for XEP-0066: Out of Band Data [1].
No, it's not an out-of-band image, such as one available through normal HTTP. Use case might be one user chatting with Another and wants to paste an image into the chat session (image might be captured from the screen and available in the clipboard), and the other user sees it directly in his or her chat window (as can be done on Skype for instance).
So, there are two things that are needed:
1) Transfer of the image content. This can be done in various ways.
2) The receiver needs to understand the context, i.e. that the image should be displayed in the chat window (not saved to file, shown in a popup window, etc.)
What solutions are available? I know I can solve this using XHTML-IM (XEP-0071) and HTTP over XMPP (XEP-0332), if both are supported on both clients. XHTML-IM allows me to include an <IMG> tag with a link to the image using the httpx URI scheme (HTTP over XMPP). This scheme defines where the image can be gotten, and negotiates how the image is to be transferred. What I wanted to know is, are there any other alternatives?
Best regards,
Peter Waher

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