[Standards] MIX Version 0.3.1, PAM and MIX Proxy

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Wed Sep 7 13:11:37 UTC 2016

There was a useful discussion in the XSF room on Monday, on using PAM with
MIX (primarily between Georg, Kev, Ralph and me).

One of the things that became clear was that MIX is assuming services of
something like PAM, but not exactly what is specified in the current PAM

I have addressed this in version 0.3.1 of MIX by introducing the concept of
MIX Proxy.   The specification sets out what the MIX Proxy does and how a
MIX channel  interacts with a MIX proxy.       A key goal of this is to work
out what is needed in a single specification.  I trust this is adding
clarity.   I think that it can be used to progress some of the open thread
and list discussions.

I have intentionally left open how MIX Proxy is specified.  It may well get
addressed in a future version of PAM, as there is overlap.  It may also make
sense to specify this separately.    I think the first stage is to build
consensus as to exactly what MIX needs out of MIX Proxy.   Then we can
decide where to spec it.

It is not straightforward to get MIX to work without MIX Proxy, and the
approach set out in 0.3 does not work.   As there are significant benefits
from using MIX Proxy, and the core MIX Proxy is straightforward,  I have
modified 0.3.1 to mandate use of MIX Proxy.   I believe this is the best

I have also added MIX Client Capability discovery, which is generally
useful, but particularly important for a client deciding whether to send
invitation as MUC or MIX.

I have issued a PR for 0.3.1, so I hope it will appear reasonably soon


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