[Standards] Instant Stream Resumption 0.0.5 ProtoXEP

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Fri Dec 1 10:55:02 UTC 2017

I'm afraid I can't say much about the SASL2/multi-step integration but
everything else looks good.
If you want to resubmit this as a proto xep you have me vote.

Looking forward to implementing this into Conversations. (Hopefully at
least one of the major servers will provide a server side
implementation soon.)


2017-11-30 21:10 GMT+01:00 Florian Schmaus <flo at geekplace.eu>:
> I've just submitted version 0.0.5 of the Instant Stream Resumption (ISR)
> ProtoXEP [1]. The mechanism performing the instant stream resumption is
> now decoupled from the Hashed Token (HT) SASL mechanism, which was one
> blockers in the past. The HT SASL mechanism is now being developed at
> IETF [2]. I really hope we get this process also going, hence feedback
> on the Kitten WG mailing list is highly appreciated. Ideally the Kitten
> WG would adopt the I-D so that the standards process can continue.
> An nearly identical rendered version of the submitted ISR ProtoXEP can
> be found at
> http://geekplace.eu/xeps/xep-isr-sasl2/xep-isr-sasl2.html
> Hopefully the current version of the ISR ProtoXEP makes everyone happy.
> If not (of if so), then please raise your voice here. :)
> I also like to ask Council to consider this ProtoXEP for acceptance.

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