[Standards] Improving Usability of XMPP Clients from the Bottom - Usability Considerations

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Thu Feb 9 08:28:33 UTC 2017

* Tobias M <tmarkmann at googlemail.com> [2017-02-08 23:12]:
> I suggest adding a mandatory “Usability Considerations” to XEPs, even
> if some XEPs will just say “This protocol provides no recommendations
> to usability.” or something like that.


I think it would be useful to have the XEP template contain the
“Usability Considerations” section with a block of text like this:

"REQUIRED if the XEP contains user interactions. This section can be
written during the 'Experimental' phase, when first implementations are

My rationale is this: protocol designers will not always be good UX
designers. We should not put the burden of UX design on a person
submitting the XEP, but rather define it together with the client/server
developers during the initial implementation phase.

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