[Standards] XEP-0163: depend on persistent-items, node-config and publish-options

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu Jul 13 09:51:32 UTC 2017


multiple XEPs are making extended use of PEP that requires to change
the access_model. The Bookmark XEP for example requires us to change
it to whitelist and the upcoming OMEMO XEP recommends us to change it
to open. The PEP XEP is a bit vague about the access_model. While it
says a service MUST support whitelist, open and presence it doesn't
explicitly say that a service must provide node configuration (which
is it's own pubsub feature
Furthermore to handle access model modifications in any reasonable way
the PEP service will also need publish-options.
And last but not least; For some XEPs like Bookmarks it is absolutely
crucial that a PEP service will also support persistent-items. (The
avatar XEP will also benefit from this.)

I would like to modify XEP-0163 to make it more clear that the service
MUST support persistent-items, node-config and publish-options. (And
also announce their respective features)

This way the Compliance Suite and the compliance tester can test if a
server has a PEP implementation that is actually capable of handling
today's demands that the bookmark, avatar and omemo XEPs have.


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