[Standards] XEP-0334 Message Processing Hints (Was: [Council] Council Meeting Minutes April 5th 2017)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu Jul 13 16:56:18 UTC 2017

2017-07-13 18:26 GMT+02:00 Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de>:
> (a) ephemeral message - there is no need to store this message or to
> deliver it to devices that are not currently online (<no-store/>). It is
> worth considering whether we could use the same logic to strip/delay
> ephemeral messages on CSI-inactive sessions. This might affect CSNs,
> Jingle initiation (maybe? Maybe we also want to have some missed-call
> logic?), ...?
> (b) lasting message - the message should be archived, even if it doesn't
> have a body (<store/>), e.g. 0184 ACKs.

A is the opposite of B. So every message that's not A is B by
definition. So we only need to recognize (be it by marking or by rules
defined somewhere) ephemeral messages. And yes I totally agree that
CSI should use the exact same rules.

> (c) single-resource message - the message should not be delivered to
> another resource than the full JID it's addressed to (<private/> or
> <no-copy/>, might imply <no-archive/>). This affects OTR, maybe MUC-PMs,

If a message (errors and groupchats aside) can not be delivered to
multiple resources you are either using messages wrong (should be a IQ
instead) or we should rethink Carbons in general.

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