[Standards] 0012, last activity - case of user connected but unavailable

Bartłomiej Górny bartlomiej.gorny at erlang-solutions.com
Thu Jun 7 16:05:54 UTC 2018


I'm reading XEP-0012 and wondering about the right ways to handle the 
case of a user who has an open connection, but has sent an "unavailable" 
presence. According to the XEP, the server should send "0", since the 
user "has at least one connected or available resource", and this is how 
it is implemented in MongooseIM.

My question is, why it is done like that? Another approach (this is 
actually a question I was recently asked) would be that a user with 
"unavailable" presence is, well, unavailable, as if disconnected, then 
last activity could be handled the same way as for a disconnected user. 
Since it is not, then I presume there was a reason for it.

BTW, am I right in thinking that an "available" resource must be 
"connected"? If yes, then the "or available" clause would be reduntant, 
wouldn't it?


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