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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jul 3 07:28:18 UTC 2019

The XMPP Council will be holding it's regular meeting today (Wednesday) at
1500 UTC. The agenda is collated from (in order of reliability):
* Github pull requests and issues marked "Needs Council":
* Random mails from Standards List
* Random suggestions directly to me
* A discussion in council@ the day before where Jonas and I frantically try
to collate everything.
* Things sent in reply to this message because, let's face it, things get

I (try to) send out the final agenda about 24 hours in advance.

Agenda as follows:

1) Roll Call

2) Agenda Bashing

* Feel free to pre-bash if you think something's missing - just reply to
this message on list.

3) Items for voting:

a) XEP-0128: Remove 'unlikely' statement.


b) XEP-0368: clarify what happens when a `.` target is published


4) Outstanding Votes

(Some - please make it none before the meeting if you can guys!)

5) Next Meeting

6) AOB

7) Close

Note that I'm aiming for 30 minutes.

Meetings are normally held every Wednesday at 1500 UTC in the
xmpp:council at muc.xmpp.org?join chatroom. Meetings are open, and anyone
(XSF Member or not) may attend, though only XMPP Council members may
vote. Relevant comments from the floor are welcomed.


(As Council Chair).
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