[Standards] CS-2019 Badges - Who Cares?!

Thilo Molitor thilo at eightysoft.de
Mon Jul 22 16:26:39 UTC 2019


Am Montag, 22. Juli 2019, 15:38:00 CEST schrieb Tedd Sterr:
> There appears to be a lack of interest, which is fair enough, but just to
> check opinion…
> Reply with a choice from one of the below; or don't - I'm not your boss.
> A. I'm not interested, leave me alone.
> B. I'd probably use a badge if there were an official one, but I don't
> really care which. C. I'd use a badge if it were beautiful and
> aesthetically pleasing, but the current choices are atrocious. D. So, long
> story, but I actually was going to get to that, I just… work… busy… stuff…
> you know how it is. E. What do you mean nobody is replying? I've already
> voted 6 times! This is important! F. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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